The municipal elections are on October, 27, 2014.

This page features a list of candidates running for Kitchener City Council, to represent Kitchener on the Region of Waterloo Council or be Regional Chair.

The official list won’t include links to candidate websites, but you can find them all here.

City of Kitchener


Ward 1

Ward 2

Ward 3

  • John Gazzola (Incumbent)

Ward 4

  • Yvonne Fernandes (Incumbent)

Ward 5

  • No declared candidates

Ward 6

  •  Paul Singh (Incumbent)

Ward 7

Ward 8

  • Zyg Janecki (Incumbent)

Ward 9

Ward 10

Region of Waterloo

Regional Chair

  • Bob Oberholtzer
  • Ken Seiling (Incumbent)

Regional Councillors for Kitchener