A quick intro to James Howe

James Howe, 53, is a well-known community advocate. He is a single father who shares custody of his 12 year old daughter and 9 year old son with their mother. They live in Kitchener with their cat. Most of his career has been in a communications role for charities such as Reep Green Solutions, the YMCAs of Cambridge and Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank. He volunteers with Jane's Walk Waterloo Region, the Summer Lights Festival, the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region and others. Learn more about James in "Who is Howe?"

Perspectives on Kitchener
Rendering of Central Transit Hub outside
Transit hub plan deserves an F

Here is my feedback on the central transit hub for King and Victoria as proposed by the Region of Waterloo.… Read More

Vote Mike Morrice for hope about climate change

For me, this election is and has always been all about climate change. So when the Waterloo Region Record endorsed… Read More

LRT drives past location of former unofficial crossing for Traynor-Vanier residents
Don’t expect an LRT crossing in 2019 for Traynor-Vanier

Every time someone makes an unsanctioned crossing of the LRT tracks between Traynor-Vanier and Fairway Road, they are protesting the… Read More

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