For me, this election is and has always been all about climate change.

So when the Waterloo Region Record endorsed the incremental approach of the Liberal Party, I needed to share my story and speak out in a letter to the editor (published Oct. 19, 2019).

Note the version printed was edited presumably for length so they could fit in as many letters as possible before the election. What follows is the original version.

We can responsibly be leaders on climate action

After 40 years actively working on Liberal campaigns, I left the party this year because its approach to the climate emergency lacked boldness and urgency.

The Record’s editorial October 11 endorsing the Liberal climate action plan assumes that we can afford incremental progress promised, yet the International Panel on Climate Change has declared rapid action is required before 2030 to provide hope that our world as we know it can be saved.

While no federal party plans to shut down the fossil fuel industry overnight, we must be more ambitious than the Liberal plan that misses Canada’s 2030 target and settles for aspiring to be net zero by 2050.

We can responsibly be leaders on climate action. For example, the Green Party party plans a 10 year transition to a green economy. That gives the auto industry time to shift to making electric and zero-emission vehicles before internal combustion engines are banned. And extracting tar sand oil is to slowly decline until it is phased out before 2035.

With a Liberal government predicted, we require Green MPs to push the government to take bold action with a sense of urgency. Waterloo Region can contribute to this result by supporting Liberal candidates who face tough fights with Conservatives and voting Green in Kitchener Centre where the Conservatives can’t win.

From being an idea 10 years ago, Mike Morrice led Sustainable Waterloo Region to being the most significant local environmental organization. Together with his team, he convinced businesses to care about climate change, take action to reduce carbon emissions and measure their results. He’s the right person at the right time to send to Ottawa.

Vote for climate action.

2 thoughts on “Vote Mike Morrice for hope about climate change

  1. I wish I had your confidence in Conservatives not winning in Kitchener Center. Here are links to 2 polling aggregates. They have the Conservatives at 30% which means they might win on a vote split They have the Conservatives at 24.2 almost enough to win on a vote split.

    Look I’m not trying to change your views on who you vote for. That’s a personal decision for everyone, all I care about is that people vote. Just don’t be so confident that the Conservatives won’t win in this riding since anyone polling at 25% or above can win in a split vote in a first past the post election.

    1. Poll aggregates are not based upon any local information. They take national polls and apply them to ridings based upon historical results. That’s fine when the campaigns are running within predictable norms.

      They do not take into account a local campaign that is outside the norms of past campaigns and even similar ridings like Mike Morrice’s campaign.

      They don’t know that he has 2300 signs, has canvassed most homes twice, has hundreds of volunteers and a competitive budget. All of that exceeds many times what has occurred in Kitchener Centre ever before or in any other local riding.

      I’ve been involved in many campaigns. Those are numbers that tell the story of a campaign that is in a winning position.

      And Stephen Woodworth is running third. There’s no way the vote splits so that he can win with 30% of the vote or less. And he won’t be getting any more than that as there is no chance of a Conservative majority.

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