To experience peace over the holiday season, some  women will need to leave their homes. Nearly half of them will leave with their kids. Four out of five of those kids will be between birth and 10 years old.

I’ll share some information in a moment so that women can help themselves. And if help any kids they may have too.

Day 6 of the 12 Days for Good: Peace12 days 2013

Today’s the sixth day of the 12 Days for Good coordinated as a pay it forward campaign by the House of Friendship. On Twitter? Follow all the goodness by following #12daysforgood and contribute your own good deeds too!

Today’s theme is “Peace” which is described as: to extend goodwill to all persons and creatures, and live free and in harmony with our neighbours

Moving beyond violence

Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region plays a unique role in our community through helping abused women by providing shelter and other help through its outreach program.

My communications firm has helped build awareness about woman abuse in the community through developing awareness campaigns for the agency. Part of our work is to help improve the agency’s internal communications capacity such as building online communities on social media.

I’d like to share three videos from these campaigns as a way to spread the important messages they contain and how the agency can help women move beyond violence.

This video is an overview of the agency’s work and unique role.

The next video from the What about the kids? campaign

And a video for young women from the Is your Prince Charming … turning into Prince Harming? campaign

To get more information or support, visit:

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