Nutrition immediately brings to mind food–especially when we’re talking about doing good at this time of year. But I’d like to take a broader look at nutrition.

I’ll explain in a moment.

Day 3 of the 12 Days for Good: NUTRITION12 days 2013

Today’s the third day of the 12 Days for Good coordinated as a pay it forward campaign by the House of Friendship.

Today’s theme is “Nutrition” which is described as:  to give and receive nourishment, food and sustenance, for stomachs, hearts, minds and spirits

Having worked for four years as Director of Communications for the YMCAs of Cambridge & Kitchener-Waterloo that definition resonated with me. The YMCA wanted people to know that it was more than a gym. It helps settle immigrants, has a network of child care centres, provides environmental education, etc. But even the Family YMCAs are about more than physical health by serving the whole family, building a sense of community, emphasizing giving back, subsidizing fees so all can access them and much more.

But you’ve probably heard of the YMCA.

Introducing World Accord

My guess is that you haven’t heard of World Accord. It’s a nongovernmental organization based in Waterloo Region that does international development work in Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia. They very much have a philosophy of giving poor people living in developing countries a hand up rather than a handout.

This work has a direct connect to food as nutrition since many of its local partner organizations work with farmers. With these partner organizations, farmers learn how to work the land better and using sustainable methods. By doing so the whole person and the whole community enjoy benefits far greater than just having more/better food.

I became aware of World Accord because they are a client of my communications business. I thought they fit today’s theme and that I’d introduce them to more people in Waterloo Region. When I was there today I came across a video I didn’t know abou. I’d like to share it to give you a sense of what it does and how.

If you are interested in supporting World Accord’s work, you have a choice of giving a tangible gift like a goat or support their projects.

Food needed to survive poverty

No question though people need food to be able to survive poverty. They need food to be able to enhance themselves as a whole person (spirit & mind).

That’s a key message I’ll deliver tonight to Regional Council. John Neufeld, Excecutive Director of the House of Friendship, and many others will do the same since the local food hamper system is scheduled to receive a funding cut from $700,000 to $300,000. More on that tomorrow.

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