I’m a volunteer.

It’s funny in a way to say so since I don’t think of myself as a volunteer. The way I think of it, I look for opportunities to make a difference and I get involved.

I’d like to encourage you to get involved too. You can make a difference. Let me explain why.

Day 1: Equality

12 days 2013Today’s the first day of the 12 Days for Good coordinated as a pay it forward campaign by the House of Friendship.

Today’s theme is “Equality” which is described as:  to at all times and in all places, treat each other equally, with impartiality, and to enjoy full equality of opportunity, rights and responsibilities necessary to belong and thrive in our community.

What jumped out at me were the words “equality of opportunity.”

Since we all live in a different context, opportunity comes easier to some of us. Just today on The Current I heard Eric Girard’s story about how it was difficult for him to become a lawyer coming from growing up in poverty. A fact that stood out from the show was that kids born poor were more likely to remain poor for their life and that the richest were most likely to remain richest. One of the reason why the importance of father’s in providing their children with opportunities. Who you know is important.

When I put equality of opportunity together with 12 days for good, I think of volunteering.

Volunteering to provide equality of opportunity

There’s many ways that volunteering can benefit our community. They all have value. But today my focus is on volunteer opportunities that provide an equality of opportunity.


I’m thinking about the people:

  • who provide role models to kids without a mother or father;
  • who ensure kids get a good breakfast before school;
  • help newcomers get oriented to their new life;
  • who help people become literate;
  • raise funds so finances are not a barrier to accessing recreation programs such as camps.

These examples, and many others, help to level the playing field and improve the chances for the people helped to have a better chance of having and seizing opportunities.Volunteer Today

Volunteering to help kids has an especially great long term benefit in return for your time. The Volunteer Today campaign by the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council explains how spending time with a child can change their life–and be a smart approach to preventing crime.

By spending time with a child, whether its an hour each week or a few mornings a month, you can make a difference. Consider volunteering with a sports team, arts group, literacy or nutrition program, mentoring program or even as a foster parent.

Volunteer Today. Influence Tomorrow. When children have a positive adult role model, it opens the door to opportunities. They’re more engaged in school, have better relationships, and are more connected to their community. Every child deserves a role model.

Find your way to get involved

Looking to help provide equality of opportunity to kids? To others in our community? Just looking to get involved? Volunteer.

There’s likely opportunities all around you in your life. Stop and find out. Or contact organizations that you support their work.

There’s also lots of great opportunities for you to get involved at Volunteer Cambridge and the Kitchener-Waterloo Volunteer Action Centre.

photo credit: Peter Gene via photopin cc

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