green bin and blue box

Here’s a letter to the editor of The Record published on Nov. 19

Moving to biweekly garbage pickup could indeed be a very stinky problem but it doesn’t need to be if more people use their green bins. That can be achieved by keeping weekly pickup of organic waste in green bins and recycling materials in our blue boxes. As I understand it, that combination is what is being proposed and it’s worth considering.

But given the Region of Waterloo’s long term waste collection contract is based on weekly pickup, it’s not a change we should be making soon. First, we should look how we can take a more grassroots approach to promoting the use of green bins in neighbourhoods that use it the least.

All it may take is to let people know about the new option to use biodegradable plastic bags to collect your organic waste. They help with both the smell and mess that make many folks reluctant to use their green bins.

Don’t see them at your favourite store? Ask for them.

The reason you might need to ask for the bags is because the store might not yet have made shelf space for them. That’ll happen quicker if they know their is consumer demand.

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