The City of Kitchener is in the process of creating a new official plan. The second draft was released in the spring and the city is looking for feedback.

How does the official plan affect me?

The new Official Plan will help guide present and future development at a neighbourhood to a city-wide level. Official Plans include general land use designations and regulations that shape where certain types of development can and cannot occur. Accordingly, property owners are affected by this document whenever there are modifications or new development proposed on their property.

City of Kitchener website

Consultations on second draft of Kitchener’s new official plan

I’m pleased to see that this process includes two public consultations. Both are pretty traditional but more than what occurred after the first draft. I just wish that the consultations were going to the people instead of expecting people to come to the consultations. For example, I saw a tweet recently of a pop-up consultation that Toronto’s planning department held in a subway station. Maybe next time.

If you’re interested in how Kitchener develops over the next 20 years, I encourage you to attend or read the online documents and provide written feedback by the October 11 deadline.

Monday, Sept. 23, 7 – 9 p.m.

Bramm Meeting Room, Kitchener Operations Facility, 131 Goodrich Drive, Kitchener

Tuesday, Sept. 24, 7 – 9 p.m.

Rotunda, City Hall, 200 King Street West, Kitchener

The second draft of the official plan and related documents

What is my perspective?

I just learned that the second draft is available so I’m not sure what I think yet.

I’ll take a look at the material and will try to get to a consultation. I may share my thoughts in a future post. For now, I’m most interested in making sure you know about this opportunity so that you can make your voice heard.

I’ll be looking especially for details on downtown Kitchener and east downtown Kitchener that were not available in the first draft.

Here’s related posts I’ve written about east downtown Kitchener and also the future of its industrial area.

I’ll also be taking a look to see what changes may be proposed for my Central Frederick neighbourhood. I encourage you to do the same for your neighbourhood!

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