Grand River Transit - iXpress bus

A letter I read in last Saturday’s Record inspired me to write the following letter that appeared today:

Advocates for light rail transit should use public transit said Mark Sommer in his letter to the editor. He’s right.

That’s part of the reason why public transit is a part of my transportation mix along with walking, cycling, car share and our family car.

I’d also like to see LRT critics including the Record’s transportation columnist use a wider mix of transportation options for a month or longer. By doing so, I expect their perceptions of the need and what is possible with light rail would change.

Diverse use of transportation types can calm our streets

After submitting the letter, I realized there was one more point that I’d like to make: If more people used a greater mix of transportation choices regularly, I think we’d see a great improvement in the relationships between cyclists, drivers and pedestrians. Having first hand experience of how others are getting around goes a long way in the decisions you make when you’re using a different types of transportation.

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