The Region of Waterloo is in the process of developing a master plan for waste management. I’m on the stakeholders advisory committee so I’ve been meaning to let you know about the second round of consultations already underway.

Here is a PDF of the report from the first set of consultations on reducing and diversion of garbage from requiring disposal.

Consultations on alternatives for garbage disposal

Our current landfill is estimated to only have 20 years of use left. This round of consultations is to get your feedback on how we handle our garbage in the future. Should we have a new landfill or expand our existing one? Should we start using an alternative technology for disposing of our garbage? If so, which one should we choose?

The Region of Waterloo and its consultants have done some thinking and now it’s time for your feedback.

There’s already been sessions in Cambridge and Kitchener but you can still go tonight in Baden or  Thursday in Waterloo. If possible, get to one of these sessions.

Participate in the online survey

The consultants were impressed with the large number of responses to the online survey in the first round of consultations. So let’s keep using that tool to make our voices heard. You have until July 2 but why wait, take the survey now!

What do I think?

I have a few blog posts that I’m interested in writing on diversion and disposal of garbage. I’ve also been giving some thought to how we handle garbage from business, institutions and multi-residence buildings. I’ll try to get to those soon. In  the meantime, feel free to discuss the issue and options here.

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