You can play a role–big or small–in helping to make Waterloo Region safe.

By doing so, you can prevent crime. More importantly, you can help Waterloo Region to be “Smart on Crime.”

Maybe you’re already doing your part and don’t even realize it. If you are, you may be making our communities safer but possibly in isolation when you could benefit from the support of others.

I invite you to join a new movement in Waterloo Region.

I invite you to become a “Friend of Crime Prevention.” You can join for free now!

Become a friend of crime prevention

While the movement is organized by the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council, the request is not to be a friend of the crime prevention council but rather to be a “Friend of Crime Prevention.”

If you are interested in learning more, please visit the council’s website where it explains the movement and how you can fit into it. Anyone interested in address the root causes of crime such as by community building is encouraged to join.

I’m a friend of crime prevention. Are you? If you are, join now!

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