updated Jan. 11

I am inviting you to consider applying to be a member of the City of Kitchener’s “Safe & Healthy Community Advisory Committee.” If you are not interested but know someone who would be a great addition, please share this post with them.

The official word

Here is the official blurb about the committee from the city’s website:

Safe and healthy community advisory committee
Advises council and staff on policies, programs and services offered directly by or in conjunction with the city that relate to the health of the city with a focus on community safety and crime prevention.  Note:  As per Council’s direction, the committee will be commencing a review of its Terms of Reference as part of its initial work plan. For more information, please contact Linda Korabo at 519-741-2591. View Terms of Reference.

According to the current Terms of Reference, the committee includes:

  • 2-3 Members of the community-at-large
  • 1 Inner City Resident (Ward 9 or 10)
  • 1 Suburban Resident
  • Representatives from each of the following sectors:
    • law enforcement;
    • social services;
    • sports / recreation;
    • education;
    • social planning;
    • land use planning; and,
    • business
  • It also includes;
    • 1 Representative of the Downtown Advisory Committee
    • 1 Representative of the Waterloo Regional Police Service.
    • 1 Representative of the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council
    • 1 member of Council

There’s one meeting a month. I understand it’s normally been 4 – 6 on the first Thursday of the month (but that is at the discretion of the committee). There are likely additional subcommittee meetings and other expectations such as materials to read.

Apply online!

In short, everyone who lives in the city of Kitchener qualifies to be on the committee. If you are interested, you can apply online. The deadline to apply in January 25.

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