1. Looking west on King E., Kitchener
    What follows is a look at my tour of east downtown Kitchener that I gave as a part of the annual Jane’s walk with the help of Storify.
    Here is the CTV Kitchener coverage of Jane’s Walks featuring my tour of east downtown Kitchener. It may not look like it but trust me and wait out the commercial.
  2. The following link is to the text version of the CTV Kitchener story.
  3. reidfulton
    @ At King St E #janeswalkWR facilitated by @KingandOttawa – fabulous to see the large turnout. Discussing opportunities for change.
    Sun, May 06 2012 13:50:57
  4. KingandOttawa
    “@jJackowetz: A successful public space needs 10 attractions / amenities according to James Howe” credit to @PPS_Placemaking #janeswalkWR
    Sun, May 06 2012 16:30:54
  5. Learn more about the Power of 10 and how it helps identify and create successful public spaces.
  6. reidfulton
    Good point: asking for “market rate” rent at empty units @Kitchener Market an issue. Clearly asking for too much if empty #janeswalkWR
    Sun, May 06 2012 14:11:48
  7. KingandOttawa
    Here’s @whyteceo talking about Ray of Hope in East Downtown #Kitchener #janeswalkWR http://pic.twitter.com/hgzktpqA
    Sun, May 06 2012 14:48:09
  8. reidfulton
    Heard that Ray of Hope starting community garden on King St E with half of produce going to hampers through Food Bank #janeswalkWR
    Sun, May 06 2012 14:49:59
  9. KingandOttawa
    The East Downtown Kitchener tour group. #janeswalkWR http://pic.twitter.com/Wzls0S2N
    Sun, May 06 2012 14:49:14
  10. reidfulton
    Site of First Mennonite Church on King St E at Stirling has been a place of worship for 199 years! #janeswalkWR
    Sun, May 06 2012 15:06:57
  11. RadagastWiz
    @KingandOttawa, speaking at King and Ottawa! #janeswalkWR http://yfrog.com/ocblaxqj
    Sun, May 06 2012 15:30:33
  12. KingandOttawa
    Many thanks to the 40 people on my #janeswalk in east downtown #Kitchener. Great group interested in a better community #janeswalkWR
    Sun, May 06 2012 16:36:30
  13. KingandOttawa
    A special thank you to @whyteceo for sharing the work of Ray of Hope at its locations along King St. E. #janeswalkWR
    Sun, May 06 2012 16:38:10
  14. whyteceo
    @KingandOttawa my pleasure to meet our neighbours and share about the work Ray of Hope is doing #janeswalkWR
    Sun, May 06 2012 17:15:44
  15. KingandOttawa
    Good to see Region Councillor Geoff Lorentz out to my #janeswalkWR
    Sun, May 06 2012 17:28:47
  16. rabbitupnorth
    @whyteceo Thanks for your valued time, Harry. Very impressed by Ray of Hope work in community. @KingandOttawa #janeswalkWR
    Sun, May 06 2012 17:34:01
  17. rabbitupnorth
    @KingandOttawa Thanks for micro intro to Downtown East community. Glad @whyteceo & Geoff Lorenz were along. @buck_tracks #janeswalkWR
    Sun, May 06 2012 17:40:41
  18. Here’s my post with many of the gems that I pointed out along the way and even several I missed mentioning. I’ve included links to where you can learn more about each of them.
  19. The following post touches on the opportunities that I see present in east downtown Kitchener.
  20. This post contains my ideas for making the Kitchener Market into a successful public space that walk participants liked.
  21. And here’s my post about the future of the industrial area that is so close to King St. East.

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    1. Thanks for the count! We were at 40 at Ray of Hope’s Community Centre so I knew we had more than that to start but I didn’t get a chance to count before then. I was impressed by the size of the crowd leaving Speaker’s Corner.

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