1. CTC Community Building Strategy process
    Here is an overview I created on Storify of the launch of the Region of Waterloo’s launch of its process to plan for its Central Transit Corridor. In other words, how can we best use the land around the upcoming LRT line and its stations to make Waterloo Region a better place to live.
    Here is the website the Region of Waterloo has established for the Central Transit Corridor Community Building Strategy project.
  2. You can get involved as early as Tuesday night at a “Vision” workshop:

    Tuesday, March 27
    3 to 8:15 p.m.
    Knox Presbyterian Church, 50 Erb St. W., Waterloo
    Agenda: 3 – 6 p.m. Drop in to see information displays / 5:30 – 6:15 p.m. Presentation / 6:15 – 8:15 p.m. Workshop
  3. Here is a link to some of the other opportunities for getting involved.
  4. The launch of the Central Transit Corridor Community Building Strategy

  5. Here are my tweets from the launch event and select other tweets. The first set were from a presentation to help set the context.
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    Thanks to those attending central transit corridor @DaisyArseneault @dailykate @timothyjackson @mikeboos @KingandOttawa and more on SAT pm
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 14:34:45
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    #WaterlooRegion 4th largest in Ontario. We’ve grown bt 270 000 since 1973. #CTC
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 14:41:08
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    Workforce has more than doubled since 1975. Now at 282 000. #RoW #CTC
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 14:43:25
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    74 000 post secondary students in #WaterlooRegion #CTC
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 14:49:39
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    13000 rides a day on the 200 iXpress! #CTC
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 15:15:50
  11. Several community members spoke about the consultation process. The first was Tim Jackson. The rest followed the consultant’s introduction of the process.
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    Now @timothyjackson sharing his perspective at #RoW #CTC launch.
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 15:21:29
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    Jackson: We want and need for students to stay here and make it their home. Easier to get them to stay than recruit. #RoW #CTC
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 15:24:36
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    Jackson: We can’t be prescriptive of what will happen around LRT stations. Community needs to figure that out. #RoW #CTC
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 15:25:52
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    Jackson: Founders of UW had an unprecedented intellectual property policy. If you invent it, you own. #RoW #CTC
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 15:28:50
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    Jackson: UW took a leap of faith. They didn’t know exactly what would happen. #CTC planning needs to take similar leap. #RoW #CTC
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 15:30:28
  17. The consultant leading the project gave an overview of the process being launched.
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    #CTC is about how the community connects to LRT. Not the rapid transit line or stations says consultant. #RoW #CTC
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 15:35:07
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    #CTC process has 4 phases over 12 months. #RoW
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 15:37:31
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    #CTC Phase 1: Understanding what we want this to be. #RoW
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 15:38:17
  21. We’re currently in Phase 1.
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    #CTC will have a project storefront and be its public face and where most meetings will happen. Location not yet announced. #RoW #CTC
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 15:42:53
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    #CTC Phase 2: Exploring. Phase 3: Describing. Phase 4: Finalizing. #RoW
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 15:40:32
  24. Now for the other community members.
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    Now sharing his perspective is @mikeboos. A passionate cyclist but sees the need for rapid transit. #CTC #RoW
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 15:47:48
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    Waterloo Community Building Strategy Project Launch: real.uwaterloo.ca/~mboos/?…
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 18:00:12
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    Boos: Brownfield & infill development already occurring along #CTC. #RoW
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 15:49:12
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    Boos has ideas he’s looking forward to sharing in #RoW #CTC process such as bike sharing.
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 15:51:02
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    Now speaking @DaisyArseneault. Region has changed significantly since she arrived for university. #RoW #CTC
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 15:53:09
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    Now @cathybrothers is sharing her thoughts. Likes that dialogue is being encouraged in #CTC planning. #RoW
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 15:58:05
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    Spoke about social impact of LRT today at @regionofwaterloo launch of community building strategy for LRT. Equity & inclusivity key themes.
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 18:03:58
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    Brothers: Families with debt problems can have up to 25% of budget on cars. LRT provides an alternative. #RoW #CTC
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 16:05:49
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    Brothers: Isolation causes all kinds of problems. Essential community resources will be more accessible. More equitable. #CTC #RoW
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 16:07:09
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    #Makeyourvoiceheard as part #RoW #CTC process.
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 16:12:55
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    @juanitametzger the #RoW #CTC. Includes a forum om creating great places May 15 – 17.
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 16:28:37
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    RT @janemitchell: Sat GRT bus full of students NOT in Toronto for the weekend #CTC
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 18:00:19
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    Great #LRTlaunch today at @RegionWaterloo. Best part was being w. dedicated members of the community. #RoW #CTC #LRTawesome
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 18:59:41
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    @KingandOttawa Felt like a reflective and visionary afternoon! Very excited to see how #RoW will continue to evolve. 🙂 #CTC
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 19:04:14

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