According to a story in today’s Waterloo Region Record, the car dealership on Ottawa St. N. just down from King St. E. has been sold to JHS Properties Inc., the company behind the development of Deer Ridge Estates in south Kitchener. It sounds like the church on Onward could also be part of a block of land being assembled. The speculation is that the site will see a residential development. By the sounds of it, there won’t be any activity on the site for at least 18 months.

With an iXpress Station at Ottawa and Charles that will become a LRT station, this news is exactly what rapid transit advocates such as myself predicted. I find the prospect of using this site to intensify a key intersection in east downtown Kitchener to be really exciting.

I am anticipating that any future use will be developed in such a way that it respects its neighbours especially those living on in single family homes on Onward Street. I hope the developer will consult with the neighbourhood especially with the projects closest neighbours before plans are too advanced to ensure the project is met with open arms.

One thing that I’d like to see is that the zoning for that stretch of Ottawa be made a mixed use zone as is King Street E. (if it isn’t already). I’d love to see the building come near to a wide sidewalk running along Ottawa. In addition, I look forward to have retail/commercial uses especially at street level included in the project.

I expect that’s all reasonable and so I say, “Welcome to the neighbourhood”


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