Stephen Woodworth was reluctant to state his position on abortion in the federal election despite ample public evidence of where he stands. Today, he has issued a news release repeating his election comments where he calls upon Parliament to lead a discussion on the issue. While this might appear to be consistent and filling a vacuum in public policy, there is no doubt that Mr. Woodworth has an agenda and sees the Tory majority as an opportunity to reopen the abortion debate to his advantage just as his supporters have been patiently waiting for him to do.

Read the national news coverage that has already appeared as a result of his news release:

And the Waterloo Region news coverage:

A chat I had on Twitter with Woodworth (@WoodworthMP) on his opposition to funding International Planned Parenthood makes it clear that he wants a discussion so that he can pursue his agenda. His reluctance to “promote his own position” is disingenuous at best and deceitful at worst. What we have here is another example of the true colours of the Harper government despite assurances in the campaign that this issue was not on the agenda.

Or could this simply be a way to deflect attention from the dirty tricks played in Waterloo Region in the federal election?

I remember then asking him whether he wanted to initiate this dialogue so that a law on abortion could be put before the House of Commons before the next federal election. I didn’t capture it because he didn’t respond. But his silence was ominous and given today’s developments, I expect that’s exactly what he wanted but wasn’t ready to say so because it seems to be what he is now trying to initiate.

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