When my wife and I embarked on the rolling arts adventure that is the Steel Rails Sessions, we found ourselves on the last car looking out as the track disappeared behind us.

I was inspired by the beauty of the hazy evening and the clickety clack of the ride to make a video with my Blackberry. You’ll also hear some sounds from the KAFKA performance art piece happening in the last care. I’ve come to consider it my very own Steel Rails inspired art. Here it is!

What is Steel Rails?

I’ll let its creator, Hilary Abel the woman behind RQ Magazine, explain.

Steel Rail Sessions 2011 from Huckleberry Film-Studios on Vimeo.

I consider Steel Rails to be part of my Essential Kitchener because it showcases our innovative and artistic spirit. Whether it rides the rails for decades to come or has had it’s two journeys, it’s something very special that deserves to be celebrated.

Philip Bast’s video on the Steel Rails experience

More Steel Rails inspired art

Hands on the Train – Parts I and II

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