The Essential Kitchener has been a neglected feature of this blog. I figure I better resuscitate it or bury it. So I’ll try to resuscitate it because I have some entries I’d like to include.

Today’s entry is actually one that I’ve wanted to add from the very beginning but for one reason or another I haven’t posted it yet.

Cameron Chinese Seafood Restaurant

I was first introduced to this restaurant in 1997 by a man who was an experienced world traveller. He gave me an invaluable tip: You can tell if a restaurant featuring a culture’s cuisine is good if people from that culture eat at it. That combination was much rarer in Kitchener at that time. But there were many people who knew from first hand knowledge what quality, authentic Chinese food was at the Cameron Chinese Seafoodcrestaurant that day and on just about every return visit I’ve made over the years.

It’s a landmark in east downtown Kitchener (on Charles at Cameron across from Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute [CHCI])–and now part of my essential Kitchener. For many years, the interior mostly reflected the restaurants that used to be in this space but a couple of years ago it had an extreme makeover. It’s now boasts a chic, modern interior.

If you love this restaurant too, I invite you to share why and what menu items you recommend. I have a preference for the Szechuan chicken but have enjoyed almost everything that I’ve had there. I especially love the combo plates are notable for how much great food you get for the price.

I’d also love to hear about what other restaurants you believe are essential to Kitchener and why. Maybe I’ll add some of them.

2 thoughts on “The Essential Kitchener: Cameron Chinese Seafood Restaurant

  1. I also love this restaurant, but have not been for a long time. I was a regular when I worked downtown – well I work from home and still close, but have not got out to it. Favorite dishes are Szechuan chicken and Szechuan noodles. Several friends go for DIm Sum and rave about it.

    Now you have me craving Cameron Chinese – I must get out there soon. Probably after Oktoberfest is past.

    Thanks for the reminder of a great place, and definite landmark in Kitchener.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Darleen. It’s always nice to know when someone agrees with something that I believe is essential to Kitchener. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had the Szechuan noodles so I will need to get them sometime soon!

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