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Today’s editions of the Toronto Star and the Waterloo Region Record included their recommendations for the next Ontario government. This election has not caught the public’s imagination which is unfortunate because I believe the choice we make Thursday is a critical turning point. So I want to share what I consider the best bits of the Star and the Record’s editorials here. But I encourage you to read the complete editorials for their analysis of all the alternatives. I also want you to share your thoughts on this election in the comments.

The Toronto Star’s view: Liberals best choice for Ontario’s future

Here are three key quotes that explain this recommendation for how to vote.

As Canada heads once again into uncharted economic territory, Ontario needs a government that will deliver the services people rely on, can be trusted to make the difficult decisions that seem inevitable, and also has a vision for a brighter future — along with a plan to get us there. McGuinty and the Liberals are the best choice for the next four years. Their record is a strong one and they are the only party with policies that try to come to grips with the global issues we face.

McGuinty has proven he is willing to make politically difficult but necessary decisions. Indeed, that’s where much of his unpopularity comes from.

McGuinty is the only leader who demonstrates a clear understanding that to succeed in the global economy Ontario must move forward, adapt and try new things.

Read the editorial for yourself.

The Waterloo Region Record’s view: Liberals offer voters best hope

Here are a couple key quotes.

the Liberals did face a recession and they did have to stimulate the economy — which cost billions. And in this election, they are offering the least in new spending promises. Moreover, we believe they are the most capable of preparing us for the economic hurricane blowing our way

But in 2011 and with the choices voters will see on their ballots, we believe the Liberals bring the brightest hope.

Read the editorial yourself.

Globe and Mail’s view: Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals the best choice for Ontario’s challenges

Here are some key quotes.

In fact, Mr. McGuinty has managed through the past recession rather well.

His government has been interventionist when it needed to be, as when Stephen Harper and Barack Obama came calling on behalf of the auto sector. But it has also been prudent. Even during the election, the Liberals resisted throwing money at voters. The Tories, in fact, have made more costly promises.

Mr. McGuinty is a moderate, and has shown an ability to move from left to right, depending on the issue. A right-minded balance is needed. It is time for a fiscally conservative McGuinty government, one that understands that it is Ontario’s deficit that is a threat to Ontario’s prosperity, and yet one that can prudently trim the sails without bringing the province to a halt.

Read the full editorial for yourself. 


The Hamilton Spectator’s view: Liberals, despite faults, are the best option

Here are a couple key quotes.

The Liberals have delivered all-day GO service to the Hamilton area. They would continue uploading costs unfairly downloaded by Mike Harris. They would address inadequate social assistance rates.

Still, on health, education, energy and transportation, they have a balanced approach, which is what is called for in uncertain times. Warts and all, the Liberals are the best option to govern Ontario for the next four years.

Read the full editorial here.

Waterloo Region’s strong Liberal team

We are fortunate in Waterloo Region to have a strong team of Liberal candidates to see Ontario through uncertain times while establishing an environmentally sound foundation for the future. It’s a team that we can also count on to deliver results like John Milloy has for eight years and together with Leeanna Pendergast for the last four. Cambridge and North Dumfries is able to elect Kathryn McGarry who has demonstrated her commitment to making her community better. Her background as a nurse will help make sure that its health care needs stay on the front burner. And Eric Davis gives voters in the riding of Kitchener-Waterloo the chance to very directly say we don’t want to turn back the clock to the Harris years because we want to move forward together.

Let’s make sure that not only are our Liberal MPPs are re-elected but that Waterloo Region’s Liberal team is enlarged at Queen’s Park. Waterloo Region has a reputation as a cutting edge area built on innovation, let’s support a government with the same approach for a better future.

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    1. That definitely is an important point Mike. The European debt crisis could easily trigger another recession. Even if they manage to stablize their finances, the Americans have their own debt mess that at best is going to slow their recovery. We’re only in as good of shape coming out of the last recession because of the actions of the current government. Hopefully, we can build on our successes to get more people working but if we do face another recession I’d prefer to have a government that knows how best to survive one than take a chance on an inexperienced alternative.

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