I have shared my personal reasons for choosing to re-elect John Milloy. Now I want to take a look at his track record because I believe every voter in Kitchener Centre should take it into careful consideration before they cast their ballots.

Over the past eight years, John Milloy has delivered amazing results for both Kitchener and Waterloo Region. John Milloy is able to deliver these results because he works hard and is likable. More importantly, thanks to his experience working on Parliament Hill and as an MPP and cabinet Minister at Queen’s Park, he knows how government works and can apply this knowledge to get things done. And finally, John has always remembered his roots the influential role our region has played in his own life.

Provincial politicians have a dual responsibility to look after the best interests of Ontario as a whole and the best interests of the riding and area they represent. What follows is a look at how John Milloy has made Kitchener and Waterloo Region a better place to live. I could easily write a long series of posts about his record but I think it’s important that you see them as a package.

Strategic investments for a better Waterloo Region
  • School of Pharmacy – If you had said in the summer of 2003 that Kitchener would be home to a school of pharmacy, no one would have believed you. They would have told you Ontario has one school of pharmacy and that’s all it will ever have. Take a look at the corner of Victoria and King and you’ll see that John Milloy made believers out of disbelievers.
  • Medical School – When Milloy secured the pharmacy school he was asked by provincial officials what he’d do next, when he responded that he’d bring a medical school to Kitchener they laughed in his face. Yet today there is a satellite school of medicine since opening sitting beside the school of pharmacy. The result is that family physicians are being trained in Kitchener, they are getting to know our region and they are staying here. More people have family doctors in Waterloo Region than would ever have been possible without this new facility to educate them. See how this school was announced in 2006 and how significant it was considered.
  • The Communitech Hub ($26 million contribution) – As a result, Kitchener is now at the centre of digital media in Canada and many high technology start ups have a supportive environment to get established so that they could become the next Research in Motion or Open Text. In turn, the Hub helped attract an expanded presence by Google when it moved to Kitchener. Combined with Desire to Learn, the Tannery is now one of the most vibrant centres of technology found anywhere. See a 2009 backgrounder on how provincial support for the Hub fits into Ontario’s Innovation Agenda. To learn more about the Hub, visit its website.
Taken together and combined with Laurier’s School of Social Work in the former St. Jerome’s, they are transforming downtown Kitchener and helping to give it new life.
  • Consolidated Courthouse – This project is transforming an underutilized block in downtown Kitchener into the centre of Waterloo Region’s justice system. While I won’t try to speak to how it improves our court system, I personally am pleased with adding another key piece to rejuvenating downtown. Read a 2010 Waterloo Region Record article on this project.
Critical improvements to public transit and transportation
In  a previous post, I covered the importance of these results so please read it to see why these projects are so important to sustainable development and the environment. I’d add here that they are also critical to the economic health of Waterloo Region on many levels including improved connections to Toronto.
  • $300 million for light rail transit
  • GO buses
  • GO trains
  • Widening highway 8 to highway 401 – With highway 401 playing such a critical role in southern Ontario’s economy, having a quick, efficient connection to it is critical for both Kitchener and Waterloo. Once the widening is complete, our primary connection will ease congestion and improve access to a vital transportation corridor. For more details, see this column from the Record.
A healthier Waterloo Region in mind & body
Some examples are:
Enhancing Waterloo Region as a centre of academic excellence
The province of Ontario has provided significant funding for each of the following:
Even with such a long list, it is far from complete. If you have an example of another result John Milloy has delivered, please share it below. Now is not the time to take a chance on an untested rookie who needs help finding the washrooms at Queen’s Park–especially not one who disbelieves man’s significant contribution to climate change caused by global warming.
To learn more about the results that John Milloy has delivered, I recommend you take a look at his annual community progress reports. Here is the 2011 edition and the 2009/2010 edition.
Taking care of people and connected with his community
While this partial lists of results is important, Milloy has proven himself to be a great constituent politician who along with his staff have assisted thousands of people on a wide range of cases and issues over the last eight years. He’s also famous for attending a wide range of events and meetings. I think Ken Seiling is the only local politician who attends more events.
The best record in the last 35 years

We’ve been served by some strong politicians over the years, but I believe that Milloy has the best track record of any of them in the past 35 years. His four years as a cabinet minister alone eclipses what Liz Witmer delivered over nine years in Mike Harris’ Tory cabinet.

I’d even put Milloy ahead of John Sweeney who both John and I voted to be Liberal Leader in 1982. Sweeney had tremendous success on the provincial stage (only to see it destroyed by Harris) and was highly respected around town but I believe Milloy has built upon one of his early role model’s record of public service. Another role model for Milloy has been David Cooke who was MPP for Kitchener 1985 – 1990.

Vote Milloy! He delivers results

The best part is that John Milloy can deliver even more results for Kitchener Centre and all of Waterloo Region.

Vote for John Milloy! Let’s see what results he can deliver over the next four years.

2 thoughts on “John Milloy delivers results

  1. Interesting post. I was leaning towards the NDP, but am re thinking this. When the methadone clinic went up a few blocks from where we live, I was significantly distressed by the heavy handed manner it was handled by the owners that I sent a letter to each leader, asking for their response on how they would address this issue. Only Milloy responded, and it was a thoughtful, nuanced response. I am copying part of it below:

    Thank you for your email regarding the opening of a new methadone treatment facility near your home in Kitchener. I understand the concerns that you and your neighbours have and appreciate the opportunity to respond.

    I would like to begin by clarifying the role that the province has when doctors open a methadone clinic in a community. The Ontario government has no direct relationship with methadone clinics and provides no direct funding to them. When municipalities do their local planning they designate zones for specific use. As long as an areas zoning allows for medical use any type of medical facility can be opened in this area.

    The majority of methadone is currently provided by physicians in group or solo practices. Medical professionals do not need to seek approval or permission from the Ontario government to open various medical facilities – such as family practice or methadone treatment facility. As well, Ontario Addiction Treatment Centres is not a provincial organization but rather an organization that operates methadone clinics.

    Although the province does not have a role in where methadone treatment facilities are located, I believe that more needs to be done so residents living in the neighbourhood’s affected are properly consulted.

    I understand, in speaking with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, that the College of Physicians and Surgeons has posted guidelines prepared by the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health for physicians who are considering opening a methadone clinic. These guidelines include suggested best practices for physicians in order to ensure that a community is properly consulted. Clearly the College needs to do more work with its members on emphasizing the importance of engaging with the community before establishing a clinic.

    I can’t speak to what went wrong in this situation but promise that if I am re-elected as your MPP I will be your local voice to ensure proper consultation is undertaken in cases like yours.

    Once again thank you taking the time to write to me on this important subject. If I can be of further assistance please let me know.


    John Milloy,
    Provincial Liberal Candidate
    Kitchener Centre

    1. I’m glad to hear you’re considering supporting John. He’s a great guy who has done a lot for our area. Thanks as well for sharing his response to your letter about the methadone clinic. I plan to write a separate post on the subject.

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