My choice for MPP in Kitchener Centre is John Milloy.

My support is not because, as many of you may suspect, because he’s the Liberal candidate. For me, it is not a partisan decision.

John Milloy is my friend. He has been since we met in grade 9 English class at St. Jerome’s High School.

I’m confident that if you know John Milloy like I do that you too will want to vote for him. I’ve heard from many people who have spent time with John (and didn’t know how well I knew him) how impressed they are with him. You may not get that chance before October 6 , so I would like to share with you the John Milloy that I know.

John is one of the smartest and most accomplished people I have had the privilege of knowing. He has his Masters from the London School of Economics and his doctorate from Oxford University. He worked in the offices of senior federal Liberal cabinet ministers until he became Legislative Assistant to Prime Minister Jean Chretien (which meant among other things that he prepared the PM for question period). He returned to Kitchener to play a key role in establishing the Centre for International Governance Innovation before he was first elected as MPP in 2003.

Given that resume, you could be forgiven if you expect him to be arrogant, elitist and out of touch. Nothing could be further from the truth.

John Milloy is one of the most modest, down to earth guys you could ever hope to meet. He is approachable, friendly, talks like an average person (rather than an academic) and has a wonderful, very smart sense of humour.

In high school, John became a legend in his own time for his back page humour column in the SJH Expression. His peers thought so highly of him that he was elected class valedictorian–even though he hadn’t been at the school for months after  he left to start university early. His name wasn’t even on the ballot!

I thought so highly of John Milloy that I asked him to be my oldest child’s godfather.  Not only is he one of the best Catholics that I know, I knew he has great personal integrity. I knew I could count on him to always be a great role model for her.

John has always worked hard. He regularly puts the interests of others ahead of his own in order to help or out of his sense of duty. He believes being involved in politics is a public service and how he can make his community, province and country a better place to live.

We both became involved politically in high school. It was how we felt we could make an impact on our world. In our own ways, we have both continued to do so. I know he’s in politics for the right reasons unlike other politicians who seek personal gain or power even if it means lying or pitting one group against another.

For John, this sense of service is a family trait. His mother Kathy was active in the arts community especially through the KW Art Gallery. His sister Melissa has been active with a variety of grassroots community organizations including minor sports. And his brother Mike, of Gateman Milloy, has used his skills as a successful businessman to contribute to our strong, diversified economy.

Given his responsibilities to Kitchener and Ontario and our respective responsibilities to our young families, I don’t see John informally as much as I would like.  While I’d like that to hang out with him more, I know that Kitchener and Ontario need him.

Vote for John Milloy in  Kitchener Centre. He’s the best guy you could ever have to represent you. I know.

If you’re still not sure, I hope you’ll take the time to meet him or speak to him to see for yourself that the great guy I’ve described  is the real deal.


In an upcoming post, I’ll explore how John has delivered results for Kitchener Centre and Waterloo Region.


Note: I have no formal role in John Milloy’s campaign other than as a canvasser and other routine volunteer tasks. My posts here and on my twitter account are mine alone.


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