I choose Karen Redman as MP for Kitchener Centre.

My choice for MP in Kitchener Centre may surprise some readers of this blog. I believe that I have developed a reputation as a progressive. As a result, some people likely believe that I am firmly on the left of the political spectrum. I guess I am but I’d describe myself as being centre-left. I love the big tent that is the Liberal party with its record of identifying and implementing pragmatic, centrist policies that have shaped the Canada that we live in.

My choice won’t surprise anyone who follows me on Twitter or who has known me well before taking to social media to influence a better world starting with a better Kitchener. I have been an active Liberal since grade nine and was Executive Assistant to John English when he was the Liberal MP for Kitchener. At the same time, I need to be able to support the candidate in my riding, the party and its leader. I proudly support all three in this federal election.

Vote Karen Redman

Karen Redman served Kitchener with distinction as MP from 1997 to 2008. She is very popular as a result of her proven track record of hard work and selfless dedication to the people of Kitchener Centre as MP, city and regional councillor and public school trustee. Karen knows Kitchener and understands the people that live here.

Having lost by a mere 339 votes in 2008, it was because too many Liberals stayed home rather than getting out to vote. People were not voting against Karen. If anything, they likely assumed that she would win with or without their vote. I expect that to change this time around.

Since 1998, Karen has hosted a breakfast to celebrate International Women’s Day. Each breakfast features women who act as role models and have important messages for local women. Her demonstrated interest in social justice stands in stark contrast to her socially conservative opponent.

As an MP, Karen has made an impact at home, across Canada and around the world. As Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment, Karen held a leadership role in Canada’s ratification of the Kyoto protocol and the passage of the Species At Risk legislation.

She has earned the right to represent Kitchener on Parliament Hill. She reflects the values and personality of our community.

Vote Michael Ignatieff

A significant difference between the last federal election and this one is Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. He’s run a strong, energetic campaign so it was no surprise to me that in the debates, he did what he needed to do. He looked like a Prime Minister that you could trust and a vision for a Canada that reflects our values. Ignatieff follows nicely in the tradition of Liberal leaders who can take the best of the left and the right as needed to take Canada in the best direction forward. He’s a leader who can restore Canada’s now tarnished international reputation and who will value and respect Canada’s democracy and institutions. He wants to be Prime Minister of Canada, not the President of the United States of Canada.

Vote Liberal

The Liberal Party is offering a clear alternative to the far right agenda being pursued by Stephen Harper. They recognize that there are many–including families who need help now–not in four or five years when/if the largest deficit in Canada’s history is eliminate. They will do so by making different spending choices. Rather that giving tax cuts to our largest corporations, going on a mega-jail building spree and buying untendered jets, the Liberals will invest in the priorities of Canadians, take a smart on crime approach and cancel the jet contract before Canada is on the hook for its spiraling costs.

The Liberal Party Platform is a comprehensive document that will make equal opportunity a reality for every Canadian, whether you live in a big city, a small town, a remote community, a farm or a fishing village.

When each of us gets a chance to succeed, we all succeed together.

I especially like the policies that reflect the needs of families and how they live their lives in modern day Canada. The Liberals Learning Strategy recognizes the importance of early learning and care by investing in both. It also helps ensure that students who get the grades can afford a post-secondary education through the new Learning Passport. A new Family Care initiative, a stronger public pension system and a federal government that is again a strong partner in health and healthcare, all help ensure that our nation cares for the needs of our aging society.

Get involved in electing Karen Redman

If you want a different–a better–Canada than the one that we have seen over the last five years under Stephen Harper. Help to ensure that he doesn’t get his much coveted majority government. Just imagine what we would do with unfettered, total control of our country. Better yet, help to ensure that we have a Liberal government with Karen Redman sitting on the government benches.

Do your part to support her. Get a sign or volunteer. Just as in the last election, every vote will make a difference.

Vote! Now or on May 2

You don’t need to wait until May 2 to vote. You can vote now by Special Ballot. You can also vote at advance polls April 22, 23 and 26.

But the most important thing is that you vote now or on May 2. Agree with me or disagree with me but this election is your chance to make your voice heard. We’ve seen how a small number of people can influence how our area is represented. Be sure that you are involved in selecting the people who will make decisions on Canada’s future.

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