On Sunday, December 5 at noon a crowd will gather at Waterloo’s Public Square to support light rail transit.

I will be there. If you share my belief that light rail transit is integral to managing growth in Waterloo Region, I urge you to join me. We need to have a good crowd to demonstrate that light rail has strong support from a diverse range of people. If you are coming, go to the rally’s Facebook event page to confirm your attendance. Please share the event with your friends and family on Facebook to help get the biggest crowd possible.

The rally presents an opportunity to dispel the myth that no voters wanted LRT because many do. The size of the crowd can send a message to decision-makers to stay the course and find an affordable, responsible way to bring rapid transit to Waterloo Region. Help send a strong message!

At the same time, a strong turnout also sends a message to the people who have only recently tuned into the light rail debate. Help to show them that there are many people who believe in light rail–and that the support comes from careful consideration of the big picture. I hope that if we get enough people out to the rally that we can give citizens of Waterloo Region who have doubts a reason to take a new, closer look at why we need LRT.

I am convinced that if people understand the full context, that LRT will be supported by the majority of the citizens of Waterloo Region. We are growing and LRT or no LRT we face massive costs as a consequence. What we are really deciding is how we are going to spend to meet the challenges of growth. Our choices must reflect the community and quality of life we want.

The rally is a first step in making our case. It is a chance to catch people’s attention and to explain the context for LRT as this recent article in The Record did:

We can grow outward and build more and bigger roads (without federal or provincial dollars to do so) or we can put the infrastructure in place to encourage intensification and make it work.

For me, the choice is clear. If you agree, please come out to the rally and help to spread the word.

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