It’s been somewhat hard for me to put my finger on the pulse of the race in Ward 4. From where I sit, it’s been one of the quietest races but that may be because I haven’t been out to that section of town recently. There seem to be 2 or 3 good candidates in this race.

When I asked for input on this race, I suggested that Bruce Brubacher was the candidate that I found most interesting. I still find his platform to be very interesting. He’s worth considering if you’re in this ward.

If I lived in Ward 4, I would vote for Yvonne Fernandes.

In response to my last post, I received a suggestion that I take another look at Yvonne Fernandes. I have and I like what I see. I find her platform to be very interesting too. In particular, I like that she wants to encourage sustainable future development within our city boundaries while respecting the Countryside Line boundary as designated by the Region. I haven’t dedicated a blog to this issue but I think it’s very important and consistent with what I’ve been saying about the need to intensify our cores.

Fernandes has strong environmental credentials that will help the city achieve its green aspirations especially if she is joined on council by some of my other recommended candidates.

A final reason to support Fernandes is that it would mean one more woman on City Council. As I have indicated in other Wards, I would not support someone based solely upon their gender but it would be great to see half of the councillors be women. So strong female candidates must be carefully considered and in this case recommended.

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  1. Thank you James for your input and your comments on my platform. I just found your website tonight. That’s a shame as it is very informative and love the idea that people can tweet, or comment in other ways!

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