I’ve completed my review of the races in Kitchener for City and Regional Council. I hope that this information is helpful to voters as they make up their minds on how to vote. I encourage you to keep the conversation here going as people are coming here as part of their decision-making process. For other resources, see my main election page.

If you agree with my choices and recommendations, I urge you strongly to get out and vote Monday.

If you disagree with my choices and positions on the issues, I urge you to get out and vote Monday.

Either way, this election is critical to decisions that will be made over the next four years. Make your voice heard at City Hall. Voting is your best bet to influence the future of Kitchener and Waterloo Region.

For those of you keeping score at home, here is a complete list of my choices and recommendations:

Regional Chair – Ken Seiling

Regional Councillors for Kitchener – Tom Galloway, Jean Haalboom & Jason Hammond (I suggest Jim Wideman as a possible fourth.)

Mayor of Kitchener – Carl Zehr

Ward 1 – Moni Lagonia

Ward 2 – Berry Vrbanovic

Ward 3 – John Gazzola

Ward 4 – Yvonne Fernandes

Ward 5 – Kelly Galloway

Ward 6 – Jamie Vasey

Ward 7 – Susan Koswan

Ward 8 – Scott Piatkowski

Ward 9 – Debbie Chapman

Ward 10 – Denis Pellerin

Discuss advantages and disadvantages of merging with Waterloo – Yes

My dream team? I wouldn’t go that far. But I do believe they are the best choices that are available in each race.

If many or all are elected, I believe that we would enjoy a progressive city council that can help Kitchener be a better place to live with a higher quality of life . On the regional level, I believe we would have councillors who will ensure  that we are prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow especially those from anticipated growth while effectively handling today’s challenges.

I am especially pleased that I was able to identify enough strong women candidates to fill half the councillor positions at both the city and the region. That alone could lead to local politics being done differently.  And to top it off, I’ll add my only recommendation of a candidate outside Kitchener. If I lived in Waterloo, I would vote for Jane Mitchell. I have gotten to know her over the past year online and in real life and I believe that she shares my vision for a better Waterloo Region–even if we don’t always agree on how to get there.

I am also happy that the the list covers a wide range of the political spectrum and includes Green Party members, NDP members, Liberal members and many whose partisan preferences are not openly known. I should note that being a Conservative supporter was not automatically a disqualification for my support. I am definitely open to right of centre candidates in the Bill Davis/Joe Clark/John Tory mold. But I’ll admit that I can not support the right wing agenda personified by Mike Harris/Stephen Harper/Tim Hudak.

In conclusion, I am obviously hopeful that the results of the elections on Monday reflect my perspectives. But even more importantly, I hope that I have sparked some discussion on the issues and enhanced residents’ engagement in the election. What I would most like to see after the votes are counted is a significant increase in voter turnout. There will be an increase due to more wards and strong fields of candidates so I’d like to boldly suggest that our benchmark should be the 54% turnout they recently had in Calgary.

Get out an vote! Make your voice heard at city hall, the regional headquarters and in the school board offices.

P.S. Don’t forget to bring your photo ID with you!

2 thoughts on “Municipal Election in Kitchener 2010 – Revised

  1. I’m not sure about your choice for Ward 3. I’ve got some of Gazzola’s campaign literature in front of me, and it specifically says “Will not support the LRT.”

    I’m going to vote for Paula Sossi, even though I haven’t really been able to figure out this person’s position on LRT either.

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