I’ll keep this brief since unfortunately two of the three candidates fail to have a website including the incumbent John Gazzola. I find this disappointing as the Internet is a go to source of information for voters interested in information to make their decisions. I’m tempted to suggest voting for Bob McColl because he is the only candidate to reach out to voters using this new fangled technology but I won’t. If you want more information on these candidates’ positions, I suggest that you go to my main election page and use the links available to the different candidate surveys that I have listed there.

I think that this race essentially comes down to if you like John Gazzola’s approach and style. If so, vote for him. If not, it appears that Bob McColl is your alternative.

Personally, I have never been a big Gazzola fan but over the last year he has grown on me. I find his conversion as a cyclist to be very intriguing. I also appreciated the interest that he took in the discussions on the future of the Tannery buildings. As a result, if I lived in Ward 3 I would vote for John Gazzola.

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