If lawn signs tell the story then driving through one small section of this ward last week, it appears to be a contest between Jeff Chatterton and Paul Singh. But I’m not sure that signs tell the whole story in a municipal election when even strong candidate’s may not have the funds or teams needed to fight a sign war. And in the case of Ward 6, there have been allegations of signs being put up on people’s lawns without permission which, if true, makes it even harder to read anything into the number of signs.

From my perspective neither Singh nor Chatterton are the best choice to represent Ward 6 at City Hall.

After my last Ward 6 post, Chatterton asked me if there was a right wing approach to filling potholes. My answer is yes and it doesn’t take very long looking at his website to see that there is a right wing approach to municipal government. His “common sense” opposition to light rail eliminates any possibility of supporting him.

Singh also opposes light rail while supporting downtown revitalization and attracting technology firms. If we are to intensify the downtown core with more residents and jobs, I don’t see how these contradictory positions make any sense especially if we are to attract and retain the creative class needed to fulfill his stated goals. As a result, he fails to meet my community builder test.

Since I last visited, Chris Farley’s website he has added substance to his platform. He deserves a closer look if you’re looking for an alternative to the above candidates. Just as my personal centre of gravity is near my current home, his personal centre of gravity is Ward 6. He’s made my decision more difficult but I don’t think that this is his year since he allowed the other candidates to get a head start.

Steve Sachs has some positions I find interesting but ultimately, neither he nor Henrik Pedersen seem to be contenders in this race.

If I lived in Ward 6, I would vote for Jamie Vasey.

Vasey strikes me as the kind of guy that is genuine and authentic. A guy who is running because he thinks he has something to contribute in serving his community–in other words he seems to be running for the right reasons.  When he says what he thinks voters deserve, I believe that he understands and cares about the people of Kitchener.

I  like what his experience says about him. He is clearly in touch with the arts and culture sector that is critical to our future while also understanding the importance of building community in our neighbourhoods.

What I like best about his platform is that he’s a thinking man’s candidate. His positions demonstrate that he has given them careful consideration and is aware that few if any issues are black and white. A critical thinker is always an asset around the Council table.

If you’re in Ward 6, I recommend voting for Jamie Vasey.

5 thoughts on “My recommendation for Ward 6

      1. I am glad to see that you were not distracted by all the signs in Ward 6. I have been following it closely as that is where my wife works. I too feel that Jamie Vasey is the best candidate in Ward 6. The other candidates seem to be trying to “buy” the election while Jamie is sticking with a fiscally responsible campaign and pounding the pavement to talk to voters. Fiscally responsible candidates do not put up hundreds of election signs all over the place (sometimes 6 in a row for the same candidate). This is a tell-tale sign of what they will do if they land in City Hall. Voters beware.

        1. I think signs only mean something if they are on somebody’s front lawn or locally owned businesses. People should not mistake signs along regional roads as indications of support. Having multiple signs over a short period is a sure sign of a campaign sending an inaccurate message.

          If you’re reading this post, live in Ward 6 and have not made up your mind yet, take a close look at Jamie Vasey and then give him your support.

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