Who I will vote for:
  • Jason Hammond – Jason is the strongest light rail advocate running for Regional Council in Kitchener and for that reason alone, he has my support. But it is not the only reason, Jason is well-versed in a range of transportation issues and I trust him to help make decisions in these matters that are in our best interest. He first caught my eye when he reminded Kitchener City Council that it had delegated decisions on demolishing heritage buildings to city staff but that it still had the final say if it wanted. This kind of fresh thinking can be useful around the table at Regional Council.
  • Jean Haalboom – Jean had the second most votes in the last election and seems to have strong support across the city so I am confident that she will continue to represent Kitchener at Regional Council. In the past, that would not have been enough of a reason for her to get my vote. The biggest reason why I’ll vote for Jean Haalboom is her position on the LRT. I believe she can help to ensure that an affordable, responsible way to proceed can be found to ensure we transform our cities to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Her strong heritage credentials also speak louder to me this year than they may have in the past.
  • Tom Galloway – I have gotten to know Tom through the years and have watched him as a trustee, city councillor and now regional councillor. I may not always agree with him but I know his heart is in the right place and he’s always making decisions he believes will make our city and region better. I believe we share a common goal and objectives and believe he deserves to continuing influencing our future.
  • Incumbent Jim Wideman might also get my vote. My biggest concern is that he would like to take a second look at Bus Rapid Transit that would¬†unnecessarily¬†spend time and money better spent on the preferred option. But I think if the Region finds an affordable LRT plan he can be counted upon to support it.

Who I will not get my vote:

  • Kristen Porritt – I’ve just learned that she’s 100% against the LRT part of the Transportation Master Plan even if it was fully paid by senior governments. I must retract my decision to vote for her.
  • Geoff Lorentz – Lorentz was quoted as saying it was time to let some younger people with energy serve on Kitchener City Council in one breath and then announcing that he wanted to be on Regional Council. If he feels City Council needs more energy, what makes him think that Regional Council doesn’t need more than he has to offer too? Taken together with a long but undistinguished record around the table in Kitchener, I see no reason to vote for him. The sad thing is that he’s almost certain to win based upon name recognition.
  • Barbara da Silva – She’s strongly opposed to the LRT. Enough said.

There are several other candidates but I have decided to restrict my comments to the four that I support, one that you might support and two that I would discourage you from considering.

2 thoughts on “Revised – My recommendations for Kitchener’s Regional Councillors

  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I had already decided to vote for three of the same people, but you’ve convinced me to switch my vote to Kristen Porritt. She looks like a great choice.

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