While it hasn’t been long since I posted my initial thoughts on the race in Ward 5, I have enough new information to make a recommendation.

What held me back initially was my inability to get into Sunder Pal Rajasansi’s website. It is up now and I have had a chance to review it. I believe that she could be a fresh voice on Council while helping to ensure that it better reflects our cultural diversity. I also admire how she is getting newcomers to Canada involved in the democratic process at the level of government closest to them. But I’m afraid she would not get my vote because I don’t believe her three key issues are the most important three issues facing Kitchener and that doesn’t give me the level of confidence in her that I would need to vote for her.

If I lived in Ward 5, I would vote for Kelly Galloway. I believe that City Council can benefit from her experience. I find her platform’s emphasis on quality of life issues and the environment commendable.

I hope that her experience can help her to effectively serve her constituents by building support among her colleagues in protecting southwest Kitchener from further development especially when based upon outdated zoning. I hope the recent gas bar situation has been a learning opportunity. I’d also look for her to help ensure that the quality of life in downtown Kitchener (not just King Street) is a people-friendly zone for residents but is also attractive for her constituents and features places they want to show off to their out of town guests. Yes, that is a leftover from my efforts to turn the Tannery into a true district for people.

Kelly has a four year head start on anyone else who would represent Ward 5, I see that time as an investment in her education as a municipal politician and believe that this background will help her make better decisions that are in the best interests of Kitchener than a rookie councillor could.

2 thoughts on “My recommendation for Ward 5

  1. I think you are right on re: Kelly Galloway. Her dedication to Kitchener’s growing south these past four years has been evident in her passionate efforts re: trails, parks, youth issues, recreational services, parking issues, and community safety.

    Kelly continuted to host ‘Catch Up with Kelly’ sessions throughout her term to keep in touch with the community and provide residents with an approcable means to get in touch with her.

    I know her ward residents will continue to be served by her tireless and thankless efforts should they re-elect her to serve them these next 4 years.

    James- thank you for your continued research and sharing your thoughts on our upcoming municipal election.

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