Ward 8 has have three strong, credible candidates. Each has good experience and some high profile endorsements.

I was easily able to quickly narrow down the field as Zyg Janecki’s platform does not come anywhere close to my own perspectives. His endorsement by Stephen Woodworth is especially problematic for me because it represents a far right approach to governing that I reject.

When I went to Bill Pegg’s website, I didn’t see his positions on the issue and because he seemed to be such a strong candidate I contacted him. I found his positions to be well considered and nuanced. He would make a good city councillor. But unfortunately, I do not believe he is the best choice in Ward 8.

If I lived in Ward 8, Scott Piatkowski would get my vote.

During this election campaign, I have seen many candidates’ platforms and websites. Scott’s platform and website stands out not only in this ward but in general. He clearly has given why he is running considerable time and thought and has put forth his best effort. But I’m not simply dazzled by a well designed web presence.

I like what he is saying and I believe that he will work towards what I consider to be a better Kitchener.

  • His position on the LRT (from a City of Kitchener perspective) hits all the right notes. See here.
  • His platform has interesting, new ideas that will make our city a better place for all of us to live. I especially like his ideas on the environment, an age-friendly city and a right to know bylaw. See here.
  • His list of supporters is very impressive not only for its quantity but for the quality of those supporting him. I am especially impressed that the list includes people from across the political spectrum. He has clearly been building a broad base of support that demonstrates that he will be able to get things done at City Hall.

I do not know Scott other than through his previous campaigns and have never supported him previously. I believe that 2010 is the year when Scott Piatkowski begins to serve his community as an elected politician. With your support, he will.

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