I was very pleased to see a contest in Ward 2 after I indicated that I hoped to see one. I also like that Joyce Palubiski, who is challenging incumbent Berry Vrbanovic, is a credible candidate who gives voters a real choice.

From my perspective though, the choice is crystal clear and I recommend that voters in Ward 2 support Vrbanovic. He possesses a great deal of experience in municipal matters that will be much needed around a Council dominated by rookies. His track record also demonstrates an ability to make our community better–another example of how he can be an effective model as he continues to make an impact. Vrbanovic will show the rookies that you can’t do it all at once or perhaps in the way you expected but that if you do it right you can make a difference that people will remember for a long time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Vrbanovic is influenced by the energy, enthusiasm and idealism of the newcomers on City Council. What I am trying to say is that he’s bound to get a refresher course on being a new councillor just from being surrounded by so many. As a result, I suspect they will help him reconnect with why he originally ran himself. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all get a refresher on why we chose to do what we do while retaining the knowledge that only experience can give us?

I have known Berry very well since high school and have always supported him. I see no reason to reconsider my support this time around. Kitchener needs Berry Vrbanovic representing Ward 2 for the next four years.

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