Ward 6 has a strong field of candidates. A quick review of their websites indicated that they are all credible options to consider. A common trait among most if not all the candidate’s is that they have been involved politically in the past. Voters here seem to have their work cut out for them.

I know two of the candidates but I don’t think either is the best choice–at least not this year.

  • Jeff Chatterton is president of the Grand Valley Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators and I am a member. I don’t him well but he is definitely city councillor material. However, his connections to both the Harper and Harris governments is problematic for me as they indicate a political philosophy that I could never support. Voters may also find the fact that he lives just outside of the ward to be a factor in their decision when they have strong alternatives that live in their ward.
  • Chris Farley threw his hat into the ring at the last minute. Farley would have been a definite contender had he gotten into the race sooner. He’s been active politically for years, President and Chief Executive Officer of the undergraduate student population at University of Waterloo and understands downtown Kitchener issues from his time managing Peter Martin’s restaurant. I think he could be a strong candidate in the future but that this isn’t his year. I hope this run will be a learning experience that he can build upon.

I believe that Jamie Vasey stands out from the rest of the pack as the most interesting and qualified candidate.

But please don’t read that as an endorsement–not yet anyway. I’d love to hear from Ward 6 voters about what they think after having met the candidate’s, reading their literature and reviewing their websites. Please share your thoughts here with us.


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