I expect this ward to remain in incumbent Kelly Galloway hands though it appears to be a spirited contest.

The challenger who appears to have the most support is Sunder Pal Rajasansi. I have tried repeatedly to access his website using both Chrome and Internet Explorer and have been unable to access it. There’s either a problem with the site or on my end. Either way, it’s made it difficult for me to assess his credentials and platform.

There’s a part of me that wonders what it would be like for this part of Kitchener to be represented by someone other than a Galloway. There’s another part of me that believes it is important for our city’s cultural diversity to be represented at City Council–especially in this ward. But also think that on a Council dominated by newcomers that we stick with experience and that we need to be sure there is a good gender balance on council.

So I’m leaning towards Kelly Galloway as the best choice but before I can be sure I’d like to hear from people who live in Ward 5–especially from those sporting a Sunder Pal Rajansansi sign on their front lawn.

I don’t believe either of the other two candidate’s are contenders. I like though that Narine Sookram’s signs seem to have flourescent paint–an innovation I’ve been waiting to see on election signs for many years. Lorne Bruce appears to be a viable candidate but in my trips out that way, I haven’t seen enough support to challenge an incumbent.

What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Initial thoughts on Ward 5

  1. Hey James,
    First off I would like to make you aware that Sunder Pal Rajasansi is a female candidate. Her website is now back up after a down time of a couple days due to a virus. Personally I believe it’s time a new councillor gets elected in ward. It’s one of the most diverse wards and many new families that have just moved to Canada have bought their first home in ward 5. Sunder Pal is able to communicate in five different languages and due to her business she has a very strong connection with many different communities in Kitchener. The reason she is getting a lot support is because she went out door to door to educate individuals of issues in ward 5 and taught them that as a Canadian citizen they have the right to vote for municipal elections. Many individuals don’t come from backgrounds where municipal elections are held and they need to be educated on this. It’s quite obvious that the main competition on October 25th will be between Galloway and Rajasansi…May the best candidate win!

    1. Thanks for the information Mani. Sunder Pal sounds like she has some interesting credentials.

      I’m sorry for getting her gender wrong. When I searched for her website, I got photos of men named Sunder which led me astray.

      I appreciate learning why I have been having trouble connecting to her website. Unfortunately, I am still unable to connect to her website using either browser. I hope we will be able to access it again son.

  2. Having a sign infront of a yard doesn’t mean that people will be voting for that candidate. A good example I have family member who lives five houses away from me and will be voting for me but yet she has both my sign and Kelly’s sign in her front yard. I know of two situations similar to that a well.

    1. I agree that having a sign on your lawn is not necessarily an indication of how you will vote–or how all the voters in a house will vote. There are many reasons why people allow signs on their lawns. Number of signs is also not necessarily an indicator of support–in part for the same reason and in part because few candidates have enough funds and volunteers to find their supporters and get them signs.

      Thanks for entering into this race and helping encourage a discussion on the future of our city.

  3. Hi James,
    Have you had a chance to do a read up on Narine Sookram. I think he is one of the best candidates. I think it’s between him and Kelly. Thanks!


  4. No problem James. It’s interesting how all of us have our opinions. I do however commend all the candidates from all the wards because I must say that it’s not an easy task. I am sure you will agree with me.

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