An excellent article in today’s Toronto Star helps to explain why my G20 experience has been so intense and why I feel so strongly that an independent inquiry is a must.
What occurred on Twitter during the weekend of the G20 and the weeks that follow shows the power of social media as a transformative media. There are lessons to be learned here for everyone especially those who are like me in the communications business but are not yet involved in social media. You can no longer do your job properly without a thorough understanding of this medium.
But I would go so far as to suggest that it shows why everyone needs to be involved in social media and Twitter in particular. Our experience of the world is shaped by the information that we possess and how we obtain it. If I did not have the first hand experience of the G20 that I got through Twitter through people like me and through respected journalist like Steve Paikin, I too might wonder what all the fuss is about and ask, “Didn’t you see the broken windows and the burning police car?” Now instead, I ask you: “Didn’t it bother you when Steve Paikin describes the arrests on Eastern Ave. including that of a journalist? Didn’t you see how peaceful protestors were kettled and arrested at Queen and Spadina? Do those and other events reflect your Canada and the rights and freedoms that you cherish.
Get on Twitter and get involved in the conversation. Be an informed and engaged citizen. Take responsibility for building a better community and a better world.

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