Today is the last day of school.

It’s also the last day for Notre Dame School and St. Patrick’s school. I support the decision to close these schools and to keep St. Anne’s open as part of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board adjustment of boundaries to have schools in the neighbourhoods where children live and use funds in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Having attended St. Anne’s School and taught at St. Patrick’s School though, I wish that the gym at the latter could be moved to the East Avenue school. I fully support the parents that are pushing for a new gymnasium at St. Anne’s.

The current one was too small when I attended the school many years ago. A proper volleyball game or physical education class was never possible. I’m sure it was too small when it was built so I’m not sure why nothing has been done for so long. Enough is enough and when a new school is a part of the restructuring of students, the students at St. Anne’s should be receiving a proper physical activity facility or at least be secure in the knowledge that it is coming. With childhood obesity rates soaring, nothing less is acceptable.

I hope that the school board and its trustees are quietly but effectively twisting arms at the Ministry of Education to make this happen. At some point, they may need to be seen to be advocating on behalf of the students at St. Anne’s.

I also hope that Kitchener Centre MPP John Milloy is able to work the same magic that has benefited our community so many times over the past seven years. Last week at his report to the community, he called upon citizens to take control of their own lifestyle and live healthy lifestyles as a way of addressing our soaring health care costs. If Milloy wants to achieve that goal, start by helping kids develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.

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