Boy, it’s been a long time since I’ve given out my Diamond and Coal Awards. I know some folks like them so I’m sorry about that. Here they are:

Diamond Award – Joseph Street Entrance to Victoria Park

One night after my family and I ate at Taco Delight, we wanted to take a walk. King Street was deserted so we headed down Gaukel Street to Victoria Park. I expected that we’d need to get across what I still consider Park Street before we would find any activity. As we walked, I was impressed by great visual impression the new Joseph Street entrance makes from a distance and vowed to come back to take photos. When we got closer, I was impressed by the large number of people who were hanging around the old clock tower and the pick up soccer game taking place. On the noon hour I took these photos, the entrance once again attracted a large, diverse crowd. It’s a true people place. The City of Kitchener deserves kudos for having the vision and will to buy the eyesores found previously at this and turn it into something special.

I just hope that people using this space can soon walk down Joseph towards Victoria soon will find another great people place and not a space with more in common with our …

Coal Award – Surface Parking Lots in Downtown Kitchener

Surface Parking Lot in Downtown Kitchener

I don’t need to say much more here do I? Taken just after lunch on a weekday, you might understand why it was hard for me to see the urgent need to create more surface parking in downtown Kitchener.

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