I am a member of the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council (WRCPC) as a representative of the Communications sector. I have been on its Community Relations Committee since February 2009 but have really had my eyes opened to the significant work being done by this organization since joining the Council in January. What I like most is that the WRCPC actively keeps our community safe from crime by addressing the root causes of crime rather than pushing a heavy handed response to crime after it has occurred. This pragmatic approach is the result of a broad coalition of community leaders from a variety of organizations primarily from the social service, justice, municipal and education sectors but also includes business and community representatives.

There are currently two opportunities for you to contribute to working together to make our community a better, safer place for all of us to live.

Smart on Crime means…

The Crime Prevention Council wants to know how you would complete this sentence using up to seven more words. The idea is to take the pulse of Waterloo Region to find out what you think being smart of crime means.

We all have a pretty good idea what being tough on crime means: more enforcement and tougher consequences such as longer jail sentences. The emphasis is upon punishment in the belief that fear of these tough consequences will stop someone from committing a crime. Unfortunately, this approach is expensive and not effective without the root causes of crime being addressed. Factors such as such as living in a violent home environment or how we value our children and guide their growth (or don’t) can contribute to criminal acts no matter how tough the consequences may be.

For me, being smart on crime means acting today to prevent crimes tomorrow. It means investing in our children, families and communities. Or caring about people. It means building neighbourhoods that are true communities.

What do you think? Follow this link to where you can post your definition and see what others think.

Waterloo Region Gang Survey

An initiative of the Crime Prevention Council and its partners is to prevent vulnerable youth from becoming involved in gangs. An important part of the project is to learn about your perceptions and experiences with street gangs in Waterloo Region. An online survey is one tool being used to get information to assist with this project. Please take time to share your thoughts. All responses are confidential. You can even win a prize!

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