Slowly but surely, we are making progress and moving towards the critical mass that is needed to be successful.

The city can do something.
Today’s front page article in the Waterloo Region Record makes it clear that there is at least one path that the city could take to save these buildings and that is a heritage designation. Unfortunately, it’d be a confrontational approach and I’m still hoping for a solution where the city and Cadan both agree that this site is better used as a people place that is a true district.

Cadan on record as comparing Tannery District to Distillery District
In this clip from January 2009, the Tannery is compared by its architect to Toronto’s popular Distillery District. I think we’ve made the argument that it isn’t without the smaller buildings. It also quotes Lana Sherman from Cadan as saying that the site will be 24/7 and not just 9 to 5. But demolishing the buildings condemns the site to being exactly that if we’re talking about having any sense of life outside of a few isolated tenants.

Jan. 21, 2009

City and Cadan talk like they share our vision
This clip tells me that Cadan shares our vision. We already know that the city’s official plan is consistent with our vision. We just need to continue to pressure them to follow through on implementing the vision and create the people place that we want and deserve

A downtown movement?
Recently, the people working to preserve the Lang Tannery to be a jewel in the revitalization of downtown Kitchener were described as its neighbours. Today’s articles, describes them as downtown residents. While I am, I am sure that isn’t a fair descriptor. If you are supportive but not from the downtown area, please let me know. I’d especially love to hear from staff of tenants or incoming tenants and other organizations that need to recruit the “creative class” to live and work here.

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