Let’s start off having some fun!

Here are the first set of Diamond and Coal Awards for downtown Kitchener. Diamond awards celebrate what the jewels that make the downtown great. And since coal can be made turn into diamonds, the Coal Award highlights what hopefully is a diamond in the rough.

Coal Award

Obviously taken sometime ago, this eyesore still looks just as bad. I can’t imagine anyone going to this place for a “massage.” Downtown’s always have an element of grittiness, so the use is not so much the issue as that it looks like it belongs in a ghetto.

Diamond Award
Little Tot Spot in the Tannery District
I’ll admit upfront that I’m biased on this one. Little Tot Spot owner Sasha Carreiro worked for me for the last three years and with two young kids I am in the target market. I’m also helping her with some promo work. But there can be no denying that she has created a hip, urban space for parents with young kids–the kind of space that designed with adults in mind while encouraging active, free play by their kids. Located on the Francis Street side of the Tannery District, it proves a vibrant downtown for the whole family is possible.

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