A strong new voice with fresh ideas

After 16 years, now is the time for change in Ward 3


Hi! I’m James Howe and I’m ready to be your strong new voice on City Council. My passion is to make Kitchener the best place to live, work and play. I can provide the fresh ideas we need to build the city of tomorrow.

I will keep you informed on issues facing your neighbourhood and the city and will engage you so that you can make your voice heard. A benefit of this approach is finding solutions before a situation becomes confrontational.

Neighbourhoods are the building blocks of a healthy, happy city. I will cultivate and support initiatives to build stronger neighbourhoods in Ward 3. If you have an idea to help improve or better connect your neighbourhood, I will work with you to see if we can realize it. And I can inspire you by sharing ideas from across the city and other communities.

I pledge to be a city councillor that is easily accessible and responsive. I will be visible both in Ward 3 and around the city. And I also promise to responsibly invest property taxes and other city revenues to benefit residents.

You can count on me to work tirelessly to build a Kitchener where you love to live.

And here is how I answered when the Kitchener Post asked why people should vote Howe