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LRT drives past location of former unofficial crossing for Traynor-Vanier residents

Don’t expect an LRT crossing in 2019 for Traynor-Vanier

Every time someone makes an unsanctioned crossing of the LRT tracks between Traynor-Vanier and Fairway Road, they are protesting the lack of the quick access […]


Here’s why I’m voting Green

Taking action on climate change must be the definitive issue in the next Government of Canada. As a result, I have made some important decisions […]

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It’s time for municipal reform in Waterloo Region

On April 24, Ken Seiling and Michael Fenn who are advising the province on possible municipal reforms heard perspectives from 21 delegations on what is […]


Traynor-Vanier continues to wait indefinitely for LRT crossing

Despite assurances that April 2019 was the new target to build a crossing over the LRT tracks, Traynor-Vanier residents continue to wait indefinitely. Five and […]

party at 48 Ontario

Concerned about city finances?

If you are interested in the city’s finances, see what I’ve already achieved without being elected yet. I promise to ensure that all city revenue […]


Compare the Ward 3 candidates

This coverage in the¬†Kitchener Citizen¬†is a perfect snapshot of the race in Ward 3 Kitchener because it shows your decision comes down to between two […]

bike workshop

Encouraging people to bike, walk and use transit

Tritag is a local advocacy group that promotes transit and active transportation in order to make Waterloo Region a better place to live. They asked […]

Traynor Park

Diversity makes Kitchener stronger

Our diversity makes Kitchener stronger. We need to embrace it and nurture it so that our diversity is reflected throughout our city and strengthens our […]


Watch the Ward 3 debate

Here’s the Rogers TV 20 debate for Ward 3 in Kitchener. Please let me know if you have any questions using the comments below or […]


Building safer roads for people – Part 2

In the last post, I shared the importance of building safer roads for everyone. It focused on taking a Vision Zero approach to road safety […]