James Howe has many fresh ideas that can help make Kitchener the best place to live, work and play. Here are three key categories.

Safer roads

We need safer roads for everyone and to encourage more people to walk and ride bicycles as part of their mix of ways to get around.

Vision Zero

James Howe embraces the Vision Zero approach to road safety that believes no deaths or serious injuries on our roads are acceptable. Improved design is the best solution especially when building or rebuilding roads. We need to look at design changes and other strategies when there are serious incidents on our roads.

How Kitchener can act

Kitchener needs to improve the experience for people who walk and ride bikes so that more people choose options more frequently that improve their health and make them happier. That includes building protected bike lanes that make parents feel safe to ride bikes with their kids because they are safer and bike routes need to be connected to each other. We should consider lower speed limits on residential roads.

More affordable housing

We’re intensifying development along the LRT especially downtown. We need to ensure this development builds communities for everyone–and where we all feel welcome. This development must include more quality affordable housing so that these new communities include people living on lower and middle incomes. It’s important that they be child and family friendly too.

How Kitchener can act

The city needs to use tools it already has that can make this possible, such as density bonusing, inclusive zoning and proactive enforcement of property standards for rental housing.

A greener Kitchener

Grand River in Ward 3

Our quality of life especially for future generations depends on how we treat our world. The city needs to be provide leadership on environmental sustainability such as working to meet or exceed our new local targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

How Kitchener can act

Kitchener can be a leader by greening its own operations and helping residents to live sustainably.

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More fresh ideas

James Howe shares more fresh ideas in his new blog Perspectives on Kitchener and shared many other fresh ideas in his Community Edition columns.

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