Make a donation to James HOWE’s campaign in Ward 3

Here’s what you should know

  • Each individual may give a candidate up to a maximum of $1200.
  • Donations of $100 or less are not publicly reported.
  • Receipts will be issued for donations of $25 or more.
  • Donations to municipal campaigns are unfortunately not eligible for a tax credit.
  • In 2018, no corporate or union donations are allowed.
  • Maximum cash donation is $25.

You have 3 options for donating

1) e-Transfer

Send your e-transfer for James HOWE to

In order to accept your donation, send your name and address with the e-transfer or separately.

2) Cheque

Make cheque out to: James Howe

To arrange a pick up, e-mail or call 519.589.9597

Drop off at or mail to: James Howe, c/o Ark Accounting, 230 East Avenue, Suite 202, Kitchener ON, N2H 1Z4

3) Credit Card

Use Square to make an online credit card donation.