Here’s a letter I wrote about Kitchener City Council’s decision on food trucks that appears in today’s Waterloo Region Record. And also appeared in the Kitchener Post.

Re: Additional food trucks under review — Feb. 25

Kudos to Kitchener council for deciding against keeping food trucks as a novelty. Thank you for unanimously supporting a motion to create opportunities for food truck businesses to operate daily.

Unfortunately, the one place most people would expect to see food trucks is unlikely to have them. Except for special events, the closest that food trucks will operate to downtown Kitchener is the former Bramm Street public works yard — and even that is only a possibility. That would be a shame.

Downtown Kitchener needs food trucks.

Having more people on the streets of downtown Kitchener is important. King Street is often too quiet. Even on nice Saturdays, I’ve noticed there are few people around. On weekdays, relatively few of the many employees working downtown are seen walking around at lunch. There’s more now than ever before, but there’s still plenty of room for progress.

Food attracts people. People gathered around food trucks attracts more people. Having more people downtown attracts more people from all parts of the city and gives them a chance to discover all it has to offer them.

Last summer’s food truck festival was a smash success. It proved food trucks put people on the streets of downtown Kitchener and benefited downtown restaurants. Having more people on downtown streets can only be good for all of its great restaurants, bars, stores and services.

So let’s allow food trucks to work their magic more often than at the occasional special event. Let’s give food trucks a few designated spaces to operate daily downtown this summer.

James Howe

Candidate for City Council, Ward 10


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