While euthanasia has always been a last resort for animal welfare agencies like the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society, it happens now less frequently than ever before.

I’m taking a bit of liberty with today’s theme and applying it to pets.

Day 7 of the 12 Days for Good: ABILITY / INCLUSION12 days 2013

Today’s the seventh day of the 12 Days for Good coordinated as a pay it forward campaign by the House of Friendship. On Twitter? Follow all the goodness by following #12daysforgood and contribute your own good deeds too!

Today’s theme is “Ability / Inclusion” which is described as: to be recognized and to recognize the diversity of abilities, talents and gifts, and that together we are stronger when all are invited to the table to share and participate.

Goodness happening at KW Humane Society

I’m emphasizing the inclusion portion of today’s theme so that I can share some goodness being done by the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society. I learned about it through my communication firms work with the society but I can take no credit for the goodness.

New “Saving Lives” policy

About a year ago, the KW Humane Society adopted a new policy that emphasized do everything possible to save lives of all healthy pets. I learned that they made strategic changes to their practices, use of technology and staffing with the objective to reduce the time pets coming to the shelter stay before being adopted into a permanent home. This new approach and shorter stays means that fewer animals are being euthaniszed for example as a disease control measure. They’re enjoying success though this approach puts a strain on resources at times so they are raising funds to manage those periods.

A foster program is also part of how it’s now possible to save more lives.

New palliative care programBerlin

It’s always been more difficult to find a new home for an older pet. The degree of difficulty is multiplied if the pet has health issues. But rather than considering euthanasia as the last resort, a new palliative care program is helping these older pets to live out their lives. Essentially, it is a foster program for these older animals so that they can live out their days in a caring environment for as long as they can experience a good quality of life. The Humane Society covers all costs for caring for animals in the program.

The result of this new policy and programs is that a greater diversity of pets are having their lives saved and even extended. That’s a good thing and an example of being more inclusive to  helping the pets in our community.

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