If I am known as a blogger, it’s likely due to my all time most read posts–or possibly my most read posts from the last year.

Many of my best posts–including many that I’m most proud to have written–are not on these lists.

I’m sharing them here because I’d like to highlight them. And for some of you, they may reveal something new to you about me and how I think.

These are listed in the order of page views so the further you go down the more likely you are to find something new and–hopefully–interesting.

  1. The Jeff Outhit Challenge – I hope that Mr. Outhit will still accept this challenge and see that his family could live without his car for a month.\
  2. Adult cyclists don’t belong on the sidewalk – My perspective that sidewalks are not multi-use pathways was not popular among cyclists but it did open a dialogue with them.
  3. Specific ideas for the future of downtown Kitchener 
  4. Democracy inaction at Waterloo Region’s school boards 
  5. We need more dedicated and separated bike lanes 
  6. Poor voter turnout continues to be cause for concern
  7. My choice for MPP in Kitchener Centre – My personal look at why I support John Milloy
  8. King & Ottawa is the next King & Victoria – I strongly believe this is true but the area needs someone who can make it happen.
  9. East downtown Kitchener needs a Community Improvement Plan
  10. My new ride 
  11. MISSING! Your voice at City Hall 
  12. What kind of museum is it? – Sparked by a single tweet, this post is where I learned the power of social media.
  13. Auditorium Expansion: Where will they park? – Controversial in some quarters, I’m proud of ensuring the voices of residents surrounding the Auditorium were heard.
  14. Let’s make temporary parking lots temporary – I believe the gravel Tannery parking lot has still not begun to be officially considered temporary.
  15. Should the City of Kitchener have a “Healthy Community Advisory Committee?” – My look at why the City of Kitchener needs an active role in building a safe and healthy community.
  16. New & Improved: My proposal to budget for crime prevention – An earlier version of this post gained me a meeting with Chief Torigian. This post updated my perspective on how to solve rising police budgets.
  17. Make your voice heard – My ignite talk where I encourage you to be an engaged citizen and make your voice heard.
  18. I weep for my Canada 
  19. Why my G20 experience was so intense – The short answer: I lived it through Twitter. 
  20. A wage for living 

I share these posts so that folks who only know me for a few popular posts can have a well-rounded sense of me.

What are your favourite posts?

I’d love to know which of my posts are your favourites. Please share why.

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