News on the LRT project this week included a touch of mystery. As it was discovered that a piece of land on Charles Street East has not had a living owner for nearly 50 years.

I like to give credit where credit is due and I really liked the Record’s Jeff Outhit’s article and column on the mysterious land parcel. Considering it’s a relatively small vacant lot, it has a lot of interesting history attached to it. I found the story behind Norton Drinx and the family that owned it fascinating and encourage you to read about it.

The new King & Victoria

The package of land is in between two LRT stations. The Region of Waterloo needs a tiny section of the property for building the LRT. That lead to the mystery being uncovered.

I hope the Region looks upon this empty lot as providing an even greater opportunity.  I see this block as leading the way to making King and Ottawa the new King and Victoria. I have propose that the block be divided into two and that the block feature a public place and transit transfer points. I shared my full vision for the block in an earlier post.

Another opportunity!

King and Ottawa

This property just steps away from the Norton Drinx lot was featured as my Coal Award recipient from two years ago. Its owner recently put it up for sale presenting a second opportunity for the Region of Waterloo (possibly in partnership with developers) to see the King and Ottawa intersection reflect its importance as a crossroads for crosstown traffic as has happened at King and Victoria.

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