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Celebrating 4 years of blogging

I’ve come a long way since my first blog post just over 4 years ago. There’s been 253 posts since then but my very first is still one of my most important. If you’ve never read it, please do. Now here are the 5 most read posts over the last year with number of views: […]

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My perspectives on the final draft of Kitchener’s new Official Plan

Here are my perspectives on the final draft of the City of Kitchener’s new Official Plan that I shared at a public meeting Monday evening. After considering the feedback to the final draft, the document outlining land use for the next 20 years will go to Council in June. The city’s official plan always seemed […]

food truck letter by James Howe, Candidate Ward 10

Downtown Kitchener needs food trucks

Here’s a letter I wrote about about Kitlchener City Council’s decision on food trucks that appears in today’s Waterloo Region Record. Re: Additional food trucks under review — Feb. 25 Kudos to Kitchener council for deciding against keeping food trucks as a novelty. Thank you for unanimously supporting a motion to create opportunities for food […]

City of Kitchener

Why all the fuss at City Council about Big Music Fest?

Yesterday’s Kitchener City Council meeting featured lots of fuss about the Big Music Fest. Not the event itself but rather the “secrecy” of  planning it and the lack of public consultation. I saw some of it first hand via Rogers TV and read about it in this morning’s Waterloo Region Record and on CBC’s local station. […]


1 in 1000 Conversations on Building Community

I couldn’t believe it a week ago. I arrived at an event where I knew there’d be lots of great content on building community without my Blackberry Z10! That meant I couldn’t tweet the goodness as I’d normally do. Thankfully, I had a notebook and pen. What follows are the notes that I took with […]