old provincial courthouse

What will happen to the old provincial courthouse?

There’s a buzz of activity at Frederick and Weber, in what originally was built as the Waterloo County Courthouse, as it is converted into office space for the Region of Waterloo. But every time I walk past the old provincial courthouse on Frederick at Ellen St., I wonder what is next for that property. What will […]

King & Ottawa signs

Celebrating 4 years of blogging

I’ve come a long way since my first blog post just over 4 years ago. There’s been 253 posts since then but my very first is still one of my most important. If you’ve never read it, please do. Now here are the 5 most read posts over the last year with number of views: […]

City of Kitchener


Off & running to be new Councillor for Ward 10!

Off & running to be new Councillor for Ward 10!

It’s official! After careful consideration, meeting with dozens of community leaders and consulting with people who read this blog and follow me on Twitter…I am a candidate to be the new Ward 10 Councillor for the City of Kitchener! I’m thrilled with the enthusiasm I have witnessed so far. I’m excited to participate as a […]